About Us


About Us

Big Tree Resource is a HR & Staffing Organisation pioneered by industry leaders since past 11 years. It has catered to various sectors and corporate in the realm of HR & Staffing Our innovative solutions deliver measurable value through increased process efficiency thus helping businesses to take faster and better decisions. Big Tree Resource is a comprehensive HR Solutions Provider that covers the entire lifecycle of an employee in your organisation.


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Big Tree Resource is a young, vibrant, energetic start up in the world of People Management. SERVE-REVOLUTIONALIZE-RETAIN, is what Team Big Tree aspires to cultivate in the market. Helping our clients grow, and growing with them, is our belief.


Helping You Put Systems in Place that Work

If you are looking for specialists who diagnose and analyse the root cause of organisational, people, business challenges; we can take the lead.

With cumulative experience of our team, we are passionate about delivering our services with a considerable ROI.

Edward Wiley
Edward Wiley
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