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Co founder & MD

Karam Keshav Bharadwaj​

Karam Keshav Bharadwaj holds a master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Delhi. With 9 years of extravagant experience in the HR domain, he holds a wide spectrum of domain knowledge. Critical thinking, hard-earned knowledge, leadership skills, and industry techniques encouraged him to invent Big Tree and become a full-time entrepreneur.

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As a Strategic thinker, Karam has a tendency to think ahead of time and recognize the results of key decisions & identify opportunities that can help achieve the organization’s vision. In addition, being a true sportsman, he has developed adaptive leadership which has helped him to remold himself in response to new situations, goals, & obstacles in order to attain optimal performance.


Big Tree is not an overnight execution, the process started way back in 2018 with the team of 5 and established in 2019 with appropriate entrepreneurship knowledge and business policies.The competition among industries to find, cultivate, and retain talent is constant. In order to find a job in India, candidates are caught in a vicious cycle. Recruiting firms like ours work to break this cycle and assist candidates in finding employment. I see it as my duty to return the favor by helping people find the finest employment opportunities and employers find the top talent from the pool of available candidates.

Co founder & MD

Jaya Pant​ ​

I was inspired to add my individuality to the process of learning, evolving, and transforming people's lives to extraordinary after 7 years of sales experience, the ability to manage people, and a passion for pushing initiatives. As a result, I chose this wonderful profession to create a revolutionary company strategy in which my goods and services are centred on people.

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Because of our passion, effort, and dedication to HR consulting Services, we have swiftly established a reputation in the market and are now one of the state's fastest-growing HR solutions organisations.We specialise in simplifying complex processes and procedures, supporting organisations in lowering risks, increasing productivity, and reaching their goals. We have consistently created value for our clients by providing outstanding service through our integrated and customised staffing solutions services since 2019.

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