Organisations use the permanent recruitment procedure to fill full-time, permanent employment. This service aids businesses in locating top personnel who match their unique requirements, culture, and beliefs. BTR’s permanent employment solutions will give you access to thoroughly researched and highly qualified employees in any Non-IT profile field of your choice. We have a talented group of professionals who are committed to helping your company achieve its goals. Our strategy is impeccable and guarantees that we will quickly deliver to our clients the best prospects at every level.

1. Thorough Needs Assessment: Before initiating the candidate search, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your requirements, perform extensive market research, and generate interest in your organization to attract a large pool of potential candidates.

2. Tech-Enabled Candidate Search: Using our tech-enabled and proven techniques, we identify and attract high-caliber candidates tailored to your specific needs. Our talent search focuses on individuals or teams capable of addressing the unique challenges they will encounter in your organization.

3. Client-Specific Approach: Leveraging our permanent staffing experience and extensive network of recruitment professionals, we employ consultative tactics to find the best fit for your company’s culture and business goals.

Our experienced consultants, with their extensive network of well-verified and qualified candidates across the country, are instrumental in providing high-quality, professional recruitment services. We assist companies in acquiring highly skilled talent while also optimizing career opportunities for individuals. Our commitment lies in establishing meaningful job connections for our clients, ensuring that they receive dedicated and loyal personnel.

– Candidate Search: We leverage our network and industry knowledge to identify highly skilled and experienced candidates who align with your organization’s requirements.

– Candidate Screening: Our rigorous screening process ensures that only the most qualified candidates are presented to you, saving your time and effort.

– Interview Scheduling: We handle the logistics of scheduling interviews, allowing you to focus on assessing candidates’ suitability.

Permanent Recruitment is a critical process for organizations seeking to fill full-time positions. At BTR, we specialize in Permanent Recruitment and utilize our extensive network and industry knowledge to find the best candidates who align with your organization’s unique requirements, culture, and values. Here are the benefits of choosing our solution:

– Access to a pool of highly skilled and experienced candidates
– Cost-effective solution for finding permanent employees
– Increased employee satisfaction and productivity
– Personalized approach to match top talent with your organization’s culture and values
– Streamlined and efficient recruitment process

At Big Tree Resource, we prioritize finding the most qualified candidates for your permanent positions. Our team of professionals takes a personalized approach to permanent recruitment, ensuring that we discover the ideal candidate for your company. By matching top talent with your organization’s unique requirements, culture, and values, we create a positive and productive work environment.

Permanent Recruitment Solutions​

General Staffing Services

To meet an organization’s staffing needs, general staffing refers to the recruiting and management of temporary or permanent employees. It includes sourcing, screening, and placing candidates in a variety of roles across different industries and sectors. A pool of pre-screened and qualified individuals is made available to clients by general staffing companies, saving the client time and money and ensuring that the right fit for the job.

BTR’s General Staffing services are designed to provide clients with the right talent at the right time. We offer a range of customized staffing solutions that enable our clients to meet their staffing needs and goals. Our experienced recruiters have a deep understanding of the current job market and can help you identify the best candidates for your open positions. We leverage our extensive network, cutting-edge recruitment technology, and industry expertise to deliver high-quality talent that can drive your business forward. Our solutions are designed to support businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.

Compliance management helps businesses handle the entire suite of recruitment-related issues. Compliance that is related to contractors, vendors, temp staffing who are part of the non-core activities.

Compliance Management Highlights:

  1. Employee classification
  2. Updating with New Compliance Regulations
  3. Geographic Expansion
  4. Hiring New talent
  5. Health, Safety, and Insurance compliance-related
  6. Compliance related to PF, ESI, PT, LWF

We are experts in employee payroll management and processing. In other words, we are delivering the experience of risk-free, compliant, and cost-efficient services.

  1. Customized and Fully Automated Payroll Processing.
  2. Employee Self-service Portal to get Payslips, Tax slips, Reimbursements, and Investment Proof.
  3. Investment proof verification.
  4. Quarterly and annual income tax return processing and filing.
  5. In addition to Journal Vouchers, MIS reporting, and other Reports are also available.
  6. Compliance support for payroll-related items like PF, ESI, PT, and LWF.

At BTR, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, which is why we take a consultative approach to staffing. We work closely with you to understand your business goals, culture, and hiring needs so we can recommend the best staffing solutions for your business.

Whether you need temporary or permanent staffing solutions, we have the expertise to deliver. Our commitment to quality, speed, and reliability makes us a trusted partner for businesses across industries. With our General Staffing services, you can rest assured that you have the right talent to achieve your business objectives.


  • Access to a large pool of skilled candidates.
  • Quick and efficient hiring process.
  • Flexibility to adjust staffing levels based on business needs.
  • Reduced HR workload and administrative burden.
  • Reduced costs associated with hiring and training.
  • Improved retention rates through our effective placement and onboarding process.
  • Compliance with all employment laws and regulations.
  • Improved productivity and performance with the right talent in the right roles.
  • Increased agility and ability to respond to market changes and demands.
  • Strategic partnership with an experienced staffing provider.
Whether you need temporary, contract, or permanent staffing solutions, we can provide flexible and scalable services that meet your specific requirements. We have a proven track record of delivering quality staffing solutions to businesses across different industries, and we take pride in building long-term partnerships with our clients. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help you with your staffing needs, consult BTR today. Our experts will be happy to discuss your requirements and develop a custom solution that meets your uniqueneeds.

NAPS (National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme) and NATS (National Apprenticeship Training Scheme) are the government initiatives launched in India to promote apprenticeship training and to provide opportunities to the youth to acquire skills and work experience. Under this scheme, employers are encouraged to participate in apprenticeship training by offering on-the-job training and related technical instruction to apprentices.

The objective of the NAPS & NATS is to increase the engagement of apprenticeships in the Indian workforce, promote skill development, and help bridge the gap between industry demand and the availability of skilled labour. The program also provides financial incentives to employers who engage apprentices and complete their training.

The NAPS & NATS programs are beneficial for both employers and apprentices. For employers, it can help them develop a skilled workforce, improve productivity and quality, and reduce recruitment costs. For apprentices, it can provide them with valuable work experience, industry exposure, and a recognized qualification, which can improve their employability and career prospects.

Industrial Staffing

National Apprenticeship Training Scheme(NATS) an endeavor to promote apprenticeship training, launched April 2022 On the job training, Incentives company, Benefit In CSR, No Statutory obligations.

BACKGROUNDThe Apprentices Act, 1961 was enacted with the objective for imparting on-the-job training, Most efficient ways to Train skilled manpower, No burden for Training Infrastructure.

“Applicable” for Trainee with Diploma , Graduate and Above Qualification”

National Apprenticeship Program Scheme(NAPS) an endeavor to promote apprenticeship training, launched December 2018 On the job training, Incentives company, Benefit In CSR, No Statutory obligations.


The Apprentices Act, 1961 was enacted with the objective for imparting on-the-job training, Most efficient ways to Train skilled manpower, No burden for Training Infrastructure.

“APPLICABLE” for Trainee above 5th Class till ITI Diploma Qualification”

Big Tree Resource, as a TPA, has been authorized by the government of India to promote NAPS & NATS and increase the engagement of apprentices with industries pan India. It takes up the heavy lifting work for employers viz.

  • Facilitate registration of Establishment, Basic Training Centre, or mapping of Basic Training Provider
  • Facilitate employers in setting up the curriculum, assessment, and certification for apprentices in optional trades
  • Comply with the provisions of the Apprentices Act 1961 and applicable rules made there under
  • Furnish all the compliance, returns, etc. on the portal – site on behalf of the organization
  • Comply with the formalities required for trade apprentices to appear in All India Trade Tests (NCVT) for Apprentices as and when required
  • Process all the compliances, and grievances according to Apprentices Act 1961
  • Process the payment of stipends to the apprentices
  • Assist in liaising and co-ordination with Apprentice advisor, Apprentice board,

or any other related Government Organization on behalf of the organization

Value-Added Service

The value-added services from Big Tree Resource provide unique and specialised solutions that are tailored to your company’s requirements. We offer solutions for efficient and successful financial management, brand performance evaluation, and asset management through our services in account receivables management, brand assurance, and fixed asset management. Your company difficulties are carefully understood by our experienced team as they create specialised solutions to assist you in overcoming them. We want to offer value-added services that increase the overall worth of your products and services and set you apart from your rivals by utilising our cutting-edge technology and knowledge.​

We are committed to deliver solutions that move business. Our extensive portfolio coupled with our cost efficiency and timely deliveries have made us a trusted partner. We offers 360-degree Attendance solution with amazing features like web panel, Biometric Attendance with Time & Location, Offline Attendance, QR Code Attendance, Live tracking,  Fake Time & Location Detection.

With our expert team, we strive to deliver efficient and effective management of your customer invoicing, sales order and service fulfilment, customer deduction, and payment allocation.

We offer comprehensive and innovative solutions to manage your assets with ease. With our services, you can keep track of physical verification details, asset depreciation details, asset transfer details, warranty details, asset acquisition details, barcode tagging and scanning, far reconciliation, warranty details, and AMC details, ensuring that your assets are managed efficiently and effectively.

Big Tree Resource Value-Added Services give clients a competitive edge by strengthening HR operations, cutting expenses, and improving employee satisfaction, assisting them in more effectively and efficiently achieving their business goals

  1. Customized, cutting-edge solutions
  2. Competitive advantage through streamlined operations
  3. Improved financial, brand, and asset management
  4. Enhanced overall value of products and services
  5. Increased asset utilization, minimized maintenance costs
  6. Expert teams working closely with you
  7. Comprehensive insights into your brand’s performance
  8. Identification of areas for improvement

The value-added services offered by Big Tree Resource help organisations run more efficiently, manage their finances better, and add more value overall. Consult Big Tree Resource right away if you’re seeking for a trustworthy partner to assist you with your workforce requirements. Our experts will be pleased to go over your demands with you and create a special solution that satisfies them.

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Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Using a managed service provider (MSP) allows a business to have its contingent workforce programme managed by a different vendor. The MSP oversees the workforce programme of the client company’s search and selection of qualified applicants for available positions. In order to recruit and discover competent employees for the client company’s workforce programme, the MSP often works with a network of outside suppliers.

BTR MSP offers a range of services including vendor management, human resource management, and talent acquisition, as well as program oversight and risk management. Our MSP services aim to provide cost-effective solutions, access to a pool of expertise, and scalable solutions, among other benefits.
We also ensure strict adherence to local regulations, paperless onboarding, and associate welfare programs. Our goal is to help businesses manage their contingent workforce with ease and efficiency while minimizing risk and optimizing supply chain management.

Benefits of BTR Managed Service Provider (MSP)

By employing a network of third-party suppliers to discover appropriate individuals for job openings in an end client’s contingent workforce programme, BTR MSP can help lower the expenses related to managing and hiring contingent workers.

BTR MSP has a sizable network of independent contractors who are experts in their respective industries. This guarantees that clients can choose from a large pool of applicants that are knowledgeable and skilled to fill their workforce needs.

The potential risks of managing a contingent workforce are mitigated with BTR MSP. In order to manage the workforce, the MSP’s one-to-one vendor management approach creates a specific point of contact between the provider and the end user.

Programme oversight provided by BTR MSP guarantees effective and efficient staff management. In-depth reporting and analysis on the programme are provided by the MSP, which also includes KPIs for vendor performance, employee productivity, and compliance.

By streamlining the hiring and recruitment process and lowering the time and expense involved in finding the right people, BTR MSP can optimise the supply chain for suitable candidates.

BTR MSP can help clients develop their workforce by providing training and development programs to ensure that the contingent workforce is equipped with the necessary skills to perform their job functions effectively.

BTR MSP provides clients with detailed data analysis and forecasting, which can help them make informed decisions about their workforce needs.

 BTR MSP offers scalable solutions that can be customized to meet the unique needs of each client. The MSP can adapt its services to changing business needs, ensuring that the workforce is managed efficiently and effectively.


Our MSP services seek to offer, among other advantages, scalable solutions, access to a reservoir of knowledge, and cost-effective solutions. Consult BTR right away if you’re seeking for a dependable partner to assist you with your workforce requirements. Our experts will be happy to discuss your requirements and develop a custom solution that meets your unique needs.

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